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Men and Women, Avery and Quads
averycup  Pro sets – first to 8. Regular scoring. If the score is tied at 7 all, play a 12 point tiebreaker (first to 7 by 2). Men’s doubles and Women’s doubles matches are played first, followed by two Mixed Doubles matches, with the #1 players and #2 players paired. Each game won counts as a point. If, at the end of all regular play, the scoreaverycup1 is tied, the #1 women and #2 men from each team will play a 10 point tiebreaker, following USTA rules. Score sheets will be provided and should be given to Ignus or Ronel at the end of the matches, or emailed to Ignus by the winning team captain. Weekly updates will be provided. 


Each week there will be 6 courts of doubles matches. A player will play a total of 24 games in a round robin format - 8 games with each of the 3 other players as a partner. The results will be used to adjust positions for the following week. The player with the most points moves up a court and the player with the least points will move down a court. Each player will bring a new can of balls taking turns opening from their assigned team. Indicate on the result card by circling your name of who opened their can of new balls.



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